Blizzard Optimism

Snowperson 1-24-16 #snowmanSnow is unpleasant. The second worst blizzard in New York’s recorded history is cause to join a friend looking for something photo-worthy. You can’t go wrong with a snowperson built by a little girl.

Car in the snow. Shovel in the car.

That’s my car under the snow drift. The shiny new shovel is in the backseat. Yes, is. I take the subway to work and my loved ones are safe, so I’ll reassess the need to dig it out later in the week.

#NewYorkValuesHere’s a driver getting a push from a passing stranger. The side streets were brutal for driving, unless you like the sound of spinning tires.

More from our walk. The neighborhood looks better and people are friendlier with a little shared struggle.

Oh, and that number one worst snowstorm? February, 2006. As Mrs. Suburban Wife and Mother, I had to shovel the path to the house, the sidewalk, the driveway. I am so grateful that ten years later, I could take the time to briefly appreciate the beauty of a blizzard.


7 thoughts on “Blizzard Optimism

  1. Always loved a good snowstorm like that one. Everyone gets together to help their neighbors and there is a spirit of youthful fun everywhere. Then back to work and the reality of slick roads and snow shovels hits you, but the memory of the best parts of the experience somehow makes it all worthwhile! Lovely shots, thx for sharing


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