Will Grocery IDs Become A Thing?

ID for GroceriesWhat started as the funniest news tidbit of the week has given me the creeps:

Trump said at a rally in Tampa, Florida that you need to show identification to buy groceries. (We have to show proof of age to buy  alcoholic beverages.) My reaction was the usual eyeroll, followed by mild horror: Any regime that would confiscate children is not above restricting access to food.

Recent new tariffs will cause farmers to lose foreign customers so the federal government has to pay the farmers to keep them afloat for a while. The government now has some financial control over our domestic food sources. An ID system could be used to limit the purchase of necessities.

In a 2010 interview (video here: https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2018/08/02/donald-trump-voter-id-grocery-moos-pkg-vpx.cnn ) Trump said he had never been to a “food market.” The attendees at this week’s Florida rally didn’t correct him so until his prompt social media mocking, I doubt he knew how household food-procurement works.

And I pondered this as I did the weekly shopping: What if this wasn’t some off-handed gaffe but a warning? Will coffee be rationed? (I’m not much fun without coffee.) At this point, I can only hope my future food card’s headshot looks nicer than the one on my drivers license.

Pictured: Some treats from today’s grocery haul for this week’s Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge.


8 thoughts on “Will Grocery IDs Become A Thing?

    1. I was able to view a few episodes of Miriam Margolyes’ BBC documentary about her travels through the American Midwest. She is amazing! Was unable to view Ed Balls, though, beyond the promo. Thanks so much for the idea!

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  1. I’ve been trying so hard to avoid the news until the next election in November but even I heard about the ID at the supermarkets. If democracy disappears here, it will be because the people didn’t pay attention until it was too late (like in my native country).


  2. Every time I read the news south of the border I feel it can’t get any crazier and yet it does – over and over again. When will it end? I’ve been a Canadian citizen now for three whole days and wake up grateful every day for it. I will keep my US citizenship for the time being but it’s nice to know that it’s no longer a necessity. (But it is really great to be able to send my absentee ballots in to the red state we last lived in)

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