Sad to Glad: Cheering Up In The Salt Marsh

Alley Pond Environmental CenterDriving on the Boulevard, I stopped for a think at a nature preserve. I felt a lot like this windmill: weathered, with resting places for everyone but me.

BUT a brief walk revealed beauty in the chilly, stark surroundings.

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I was really impressed by the use of solar panels in the parking lot. Very sensible. And how great that a major thoroughfare runs between what is, effectively, swampland in New York City!

Life’s not always a walk in the park, but a stroll like this can improve your state of mind.




7 thoughts on “Sad to Glad: Cheering Up In The Salt Marsh

  1. It’s such a nice feeling seeing solar panels. It makes you feel that something is being done in the right direction. I went to a supermarket in the Bronx (I love going to supermarkets) that has them in the parking lot.


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