2018 NYC voter guide with car key and clickerI’ve spent way too much time reading Twitter, hoping for puppies and kittens, babies and creativity, only to become immersed in political dialogue. To be fair, there is profound kindness in the twittersphere: people reaching out for reassurance, condolences or just a virtual hand to hold.

Many of the Twitter thoughts these days lead up to tomorrow: November 6 is Election Day here in the United States. I urge everyone to vote. Even if my beliefs and knowledge are different from yours, I want you to vote.

When you don’t vote you choose to silence yourself. However, your voice matters, not just online but on the ballot as well.

Think of those who fought for their rights to vote, a right we inherited. Think of those who face roadblocks even now just to vote. I’m in New York State and never had a problem but that’s not the case in places where votes have been switched, where new, last-minute “requirements” are implemented, where the polling places are inaccessible or the lines are hours long.

And yet the citizens endure and vote. So will I. See you there!


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