The Bucolic Fire Island Light

Fire Island Lighthouse 7/12/18When a friend suggested a midweek drive to the Fire Island Lighthouse, I gleefully jumped at the opportunity.

Fire Island Lighthouse 7/12/18 DEER ON SANDFire Island is a barrier island off the south shore of Long Island. The south shore of Fire Island faces the Atlantic Ocean, hence,  the 19th century lighthouse. We visited after the lighthouse closed for the day but did make the mile or so walk from the parking lot. It’s an easy stroll: a well-kept, undulating narrow walkway raised a bit above the sand, running between vegetation where deer live. I was enchanted by the deer.

I love lighthouses so I was happy that I could see this one throughout most of the walk. As expected, it appears bigger and more majestic the closer you get. Although we couldn’t get inside any of the buildings, I was glad we went near the end of the day, when the light and sunset are perfect.

Fire Island Ocean beachOn the walk back, we stopped to admire the ocean. The sound and smell and the roar of the waves never get old. Of course that brief detour meant we viewed sunset from the parking lot. I would have preferred to see that big orange sun from the shore.  I’ll time it better for the next visit.

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6 thoughts on “The Bucolic Fire Island Light

  1. Lovely photographs, and now I have a hankering to visit the coast, listen to the ocean and inhale that glorious seaside odour. Thank you Linda 😊


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