Shoreline Solitude in Atlantic City

Atlantic City nature path in the Marina DistrictAtlantic City ‘s  Art Walk is well worth a visit.

The mile-long path borders marshland in the Marina District, crosstown from the Boardwalk that we usually associate with AC. On one side of the path is beautiful shoreline, which is desolate in the winter. The paved path undulates like the shoreline it follows.

They call it an Art Walk but there are only a few sculptures, and just two resonated with me: One of  a mama duck leading her little ducklings and the other,  a fishing boy. It’s sweet and appropriate but looks like it was propped on a shipping crate. The statue itself, however,  is timeless and peaceful.

At various points the path gives views of the wind turbines that power the wastewater treatment plant.

They are serene and majestic, rising from the water with strength and purpose. They quietly prove that renewable energy is possible.

The trick here is to keep looking at either the trail or the shore; the other side of the path is a roadway connecting the backs of a couple of casinos. It’s ugly and utilitarian. To its credit, though, it’s an easy way to walk between gambling venues.

I suppose it gets crowded in the summer but wintertime provides near-solitude. Maybe the next time I visit, the boats will be out, the mosquitoes buzzing and Fishing Boy will have a proper perch.

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