I’d Rather Be Laughing In The Warm Sun

John Oliver - Oddball Concert, Jones Beach Theater, 9-10-16The WordPress Photo Challenge asks what I’d rather be doing:

  • Laughing
  • With my daughter
  • Someplace warm. I’m damn tired of winter.

In September, 2016 we attended the Oddball Comedy Festival at the Jones Beach Theater on Long Island. John Oliver headlined. Among the other comedians were Pete Davidson and Sebastian Maniscalco and they all had me laughing hysterically.

Even funnier was that when Oliver took the stage, many in the audience walked out. Long Island is fairly conservative. Well, that made me laugh even more because I knew there would be less cars lined up to leave the parking lot at the end.

The daughter and I had a great time on a beautifully warm night at a pretty venue. And I do like Jones Beach in general. I’d love to relive that night.

Note on May 5: Apparently this post was partially reduced to gibberish yesterday morning, May 4th. Thanks for the like, Amanda Ricks, which enabled me to see  that there was a problem!

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