The Hollywood Sign and Tiny Houses

Above and behind the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles in September 2014WordPress photo challenge fun:  Another view of my trip up the Los Angeles hiking path that leads to the back of the Hollywood sign. Ironically, my initial post was for another photo challenge.

This week it’s about scale: The  beautiful homes below are like toy houses. The letters that we are used to seeing in the distance are large because I’m on a little hill right in back of them.

If you ever get the opportunity to do this walk, do it. Bring water and be prepared to take awesome pictures!


9 thoughts on “The Hollywood Sign and Tiny Houses

    1. As of a few years ago, we were able to park partway up the hill near the entrance to the walking path. It was great to have extra water and a change of clothes waiting for us in the car. There’s a link in the blog post to the Hollywood Sign people which should have more information about access to the path. Bear in mind that you cannot get close to the letters; that would be too dangerous!


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