Cheerful Little Apples

apples and pearDistracting myself from 24/7 news coverage of the U.S. presidential election with this picture of apples and a pear. I couldn’t resist the tiny ones at the farmer’s market; they were so cute!I cored and baked the little apples with butter and cinnamon. This was on one of the first chilly days of October. With the apartment windows closed, the kitchen had a bakery smell and the apples were delicious!

7 thoughts on “Cheerful Little Apples

    1. Thanks, Mabel. They were comfort food! Your piece on hoarding was very insightful; I am fairly good at keeping the “stuff” in check but some things, like souvenirs, are hard to let go. I look at them and recall a fun trip. I might wear a garment and remember the time I bought it. Yours was a fun read!

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