Rounded at the New York Public Library

Rounded Windows at NYPL Stephen A. Schwarzman Building on Fifth AvenueI often find myself in Midtown Manhattan near the iconic main building of the New York Public Library. So, for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge featuring the word “rounded,” here are some shots taken in June, 2017 of the interior.

While books and computer equipment are usually angular, the windows and details of this gorgeous building are rounded or arched. The quality and durability of the workmanship seem to celebrate the importance of the written word.

The lighting is adequate for reading, yet it’s not harsh fluorescent or industrial style. These fixtures have given light for generations of tourists and knowledge seekers.

Book storage is under the adjacent Bryant Park. Requested volumes are sent to the main building on tracks that, adorably, resemble a toy train set.

I showed the exterior of this building last May in another post, New York In My Rear View Mirror, wherein I admitted that I will, someday, leave New York.

Until then, I will appreciate such pretty access to well-rounded knowledge at the NYPL.


10 thoughts on “Rounded at the New York Public Library

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing amazing information on new york public library. New York Library is huge and very attractive i love that place here lots of books collection available regarding history.
    Keep it up good work.


  2. 🙂 Dear Linda,
    thanks for sharing the beauty of the New York library. I love the idea of the “train tracks” for sending books. And I wouldn’t mind spending some time there to read and just look around.
    Have a very HAPPY week 🙂


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