My Style: Trim Nails as a Show of Strength

I was a nail biter.

You wouldn’t know it to look at me, with trim, tidy nails in a usually understated color. But I was a skittish, nailbiting kid who kept up the habit through adulthood. When my teenaged daughter wanted nice nails for events like proms and sweet sixteens, I gladly paid. It occurred to me that I deserved just as nice but rarely spent the time or money on my own extravagances.

In 2006 I made the decision to no longer be that nervous kid and start treating myself as I wanted to be treated. After wearing tips for about a year I pretty much broke the habit and stopped wearing the fake nails. I learned how to do them myself, although not nearly as professionally as they do in the nail salons. It’s like I made up for lost time, buying more nail polish than I could ever use.

I’m a little sad that I missed the nail-grooming-girl-bonding part of being young,  learning a little late that a game face is diminished by ragged nails.I hate the sound of nails clicking on the keyboard, especially of they’re mine. And I don’t wear elaborate or even long nails; they’re not my style.

More importantly, they’re a quiet victory sign.  I sometimes lapse back into nailbiter mode but catch myself.

If you’re trying to stop biting your nails here are a few hints:

  • Get manis if you can afford them. Investing your earnings in this goal gives it tangible value. Also, manicures can be very relaxing.
  • Consider tips or silk wraps until the habit is broken.
  • Go for a short, rounded nail. It’s harder to gnaw at and easier to get used to.
  • Experiment until you find your style. Have fun with it.
  • Flaunt in front of the people who made you most nervous. They no longer have that power over you.

8 thoughts on “My Style: Trim Nails as a Show of Strength

  1. The first tip is invaluable if your trying to break the nail-biting habit. As a former esthetician, I’d encourage nail biters to get manicures. Usually, they liked how their nails looked so much that they’d break the habit with regular manicures!


  2. thanks 😀 it just so happens that I still am a nail biter 😀
    though I know if only I can keep the nail polish on them, I’m not biting. the minute it is off – there we go again. so sometimes, if I can keep reapplying the nail polish for months – that’s how long I am the habit free… sigh.


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