New York In My Rear View Mirror?

New York Public Library, main branch, at night on the 42 Street side.Just as our ancestors followed water and wildlife for sustenance, I am not opposed leaving New York for a new job.

New York City is my birthplace and my home. I live in the neighborhood I dreamed of living in back when I was in college. It is fun and friendly, safe and pretty by New York standards.

But my search for re-employment has been unsatisfying. I chose to retrain at the renowned university I wanted but could never afford as a teenager. That program, too, is winding down. Soon I will have earned an advanced diploma, bragging rights and the skills to earn a living with words.

The words I will use exist throughout the Anglophone world. I can take this anywhere. As my years in the ‘hood go by, I find less need to live an easy driving distance from family that long ago fled for the suburbs. And the rents really are too damn high.

This is my victory lap. I view familiar streets differently now, Instagramming them as a visual diary of my time in Metropolis. When wanderlust wins, there will be a record that I existed in this place and time.

It’s dizzying to wonder which city or shore will be my next home. Perhaps next spring, I’ll be preparing for beach season or asking new neighbors where to buy the freshest produce. I may drive more. I may sell the car.

I am open to suggestions. This is a pleasant departure from the days of “I can only live near my family” to “You go where the work is.” Freedom is funny that way.



9 thoughts on “New York In My Rear View Mirror?

  1. Any large city is incredibly expensive. I live in the country near a small town where I can get a lunch special for $5.00 that provides me with 3 days of meals at work. When I visit my family (who all live in big cities), a comparable lunch costs over $10.00.

    The problem is, people want the low prices, low taxes, and the convenience of a big city. They can’t have it all. Hope you find something affordable that you can live with/in. 🙂


      1. I lived near San Francisco for a few years and worked there. People complained that a no-frills efficieny (studio) apartment was $2000 at the time. That was 30 years ago. Only 25 miles to the north, prices were a lot lower.

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  2. I left New York City over 40 years ago and never regretted it. Reactions? If you feel you can get a job “anywhere” please give serious thought to where you may want to live. Having a great job in a place you can’t stand living in will just make you miserable (I speak from experience). I would suggest thinking about what you really love to do outside of job time and what you really want to be surrounded with. If you are a beach person, for example, Alaska might not be your first choice. If you love sunshine, you will not like upstate New York. Love snow? Then rule out Florida. That would truly be my advice – best of luck as you embark on this exciting adventure.


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