Sweatshirts and Sandy Feet: My Happy Place

It was a warmish sunny October Sunday, perfect for an impromptu drive to Jones Beach after the summer crowds.

10/11/15 Field 4It was far from empty; there were families and couples enjoying the peace.

10/11/1 5 Nature and human made debrisDebris, from both humans and nature. I guess people brought coffee and more milk than they needed?

10/11/15 No umbrella rentals till next yearNo umbrella rentals until next year.

No lifeguards, no swimmingNo lifeguards either.

First Aide?With all their rules, you think they’d know how to spell.

Seahorse bike rack?Cool bike rack or seahorse sculpture?

To the parking lotThe route back to the parking lot.

My happy places are anyplace where nobody is demanding anything big of me. It could be the corner seat in the subway car, in my home, dance class or spending time with pleasant people. I found a bench tucked under the commuter rail station in my area where I could have a nice phone conversation; the acoustics are great and there’s a pretty view of the neighborhood. But nothing beats the sound of waves and the feel of sand in my sneakers.

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