Bring It On, 2016

New Years 2015 into 2016Well, we here in New York made it to the new year without the terrorism that continues to threaten and, thanks to law enforcement, we avoided.

One of the most pleasant – and unpleasant- things about celebrating the upcoming year is looking back at the one just past. In my blogging life, I see that some of my posts have become more issues oriented. I’ve railed against the idiotic American healthcare system in Healthcare: Who Gets To Live and in Time Machine? No Thanks. Time Machine also touched upon discrimination, a topic I discussed in The Lesson of Hispanic Heritage Month and alluded to in For a Better Life.

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I’ve been inspired by my surroundings, by my city and neighborhood, in Our History As Seen Through A Mall and The One Day All New York Tour. I’ve shared some beaches, as in Sweatshirts & Sandy Feet and A Rockaway Day.  And I guest-posted!

tealight afloat in coffee groundsOne picture that I almost didn’t shoot keeps getting Pinterest views. When my candle-making experiment went awry I simply stuck a tealight in a dish of coffee grounds. All that work and cleanup and this was most satisfying, both to myself and the photo’s viewers!

Al this necessitated a change in the blog’s name. The Linda Life reflects more accurately where the conversation has headed.

Twenty Sixteen promises to be an interesting year. I’ll be starting up a blogging group where we can meet, face to face, and learn from each other. I suspect some unpleasant career surprises will happen. They are out of my control but what happens afterwards is all up to me.

The same can be said of blogging. I wish everyone a joyful, peaceful, prosperous New Year.

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