Brave Little Blogger

Writing from behind the laptop and houseplants.

I admitted to being a blogger.
Oh yeah, I updated my skills on LinkedIn to include blogging, something I did not want my bosses and coworkers to know about. The blogosphere has been a safe and friendly place; now it’s time to let employers, and potential employers, know that I can figure stuff out, and have fun doing it.

There’s a stereotype of the slightly older woman not able to keep up with the modern workplace. I believe some of these people do exist, but so many of us have always worked, forced to embrace the tech needed to get the job done. The important word here is embrace, because whining about it won’t bring back that golden age of office work, whatever you define that to be.

So copping to blogging is step one in my personal campaign to pimp update my professional profile. I know I’ll think of still more marketable skills. I have to!

On a related note, here’s an interesting Forbes article on age discrimination:

2 thoughts on “Brave Little Blogger

  1. “…whining about it won’t bring back that golden age of office work…”

    I was just whining about similar things a little while ago. You’re right: at some point, it’s time to stop reminiscing and move forward. Thanks for the reminder.


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