Art Happens

Art amazes me, mostly because I had no training in it or exposure to it when I was young. There was always music, and there were pretty photographs, but painting, sculpture and pottery remained mysterious.

Even now, to some extent.

Huntington 5-31I was mesmerized watching a watercolor demonstration at a recent Art in The Park event. There was beauty in the artist’s instruction and offhand banter, especially with his students as they visited. It was hot outside, even under the tent. We bought water and returned to watch more magic. My cultured friend learned technique while I just gaped.

Huntington 5-31I never saw the finished product; it will be a nice outdoor scene. Ironically, that’s not a painting I’d buy and display but it was fun watching how it happens.

Huntington 5-31Irony: All these vivid colors in mostly white paint tubes. Weird.


8 thoughts on “Art Happens

  1. Bravo! I tried the paint technique you illustrate in your photos and chose photography instead. I completed painting course but the mess, fuss and cleanup did not appeal to me. I also admire people who can create art through all the mire. Enjoy the day. 🙂


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