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Happy 2014!

From my child’s school craft fair in 1999.

12/31/99: Y2K. There was some concern that the world’s computer systems wouldn’t handle the change to the new century. But the ball dropped, the lights stayed on and our East Coast ground did not shake. All good.

Life changes often don’t get a national holiday. Your birthday, graduation dates, the day you closed on your house: these are huge personal events that are probably more worthy of celebration than the change of the calendar. This New Year’s Eve I feel grateful for the opportunities and good people that made my life Interesting. I am grateful for having had the guts to try new things, including blogging. This was the year I stopped spending inordinate amounts of time trying to make my hair look straight and instead, let it go curly. (I’m sure there will be future posts about that.) I stopped eating ice cream and lowered my cholesterol levels. (Take that, Pharmaceutical Industry!)

I have grown stronger. This will be a quiet New Year’s Eve because I choose my own company over that of a roomful of drunken strangers. Right now I am watching “A Toast To 2013” and laughing my head off.

That’s how I hope to start 2014. I wish everybody love, health, happiness and personal growth!