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A Rockaway Day: How to End A Summer

Rockaway beachIt’s probably the last summery day we’ll feel for a while here in New York, so I did another first-ever: I took the bus to Rockaway Beach.

The ride itself was weird: I got a seat a few stops after I boarded. Its previous occupant’s phone dropped out of his pocket. I hollered to him as he disembarked, waving his phone at him. He was thankful. I chatted with a nice couple and admired the family seated across the aisle. When the family got up to leave, I saw  that they left their lunch carrier under their seat. I held it up and some people banged on the windows to get the family’s attention. As we handed off the lunch someone noticed their phone on that seat as well. I laughed and, inexplicably, called after them in Spanish, their language,  “y el teléfono también.” I don’t normally speak in tongues, and I am sadly monolingual. Or maybe not any longer?

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2-Wantagh Park 7-005Winter is done, at least in this hemisphere.  I’m always amazed that little crocuses manage to grow through cold, hard soil. And this year is no different. A small swarm of gnats buzzed in the shopping area earlier today, and we’re seeing longer days and some sunshine. My shower curtain rod no longer holds icy pants dripping snow melt; soon that will be replaced with sandy towels.

The hope of warm, balmy nights and long, fun days has me so giddy that I made my “to do” list for Summer 2014. Oh yes, if I have to do a “to do” list for tasks and chores, I’m going to make one for the pleasant stuff too:

  • Go to the beach more. What’s better than feeling the ocean rush against my legs, smelling salt air and sunblock? And I’ll wear the polka dot bathing suit. I will start loading up on beach reads now.
  • Live music under the stars. Even better, dancing to live music under the stars!
  • Barbecue.  Not at home though because the City of New York doesn’t permit using fire escapes for anything except escaping fires.
  • I will become an expert on local outdoor cafés. Maybe some will serve barbecue.
  • I will visit cool museums.
  • i will ride my bike.
  • I wonder if I can still “jump in” in jump rope?
  • Road trips! Just keep driving until I find something that amuses me. I amuse easily so this shouldn’t be too far.

This summer will inspire some good posts. At least, that’s the plan.


The Petite Evolution: Golden Years

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth I was working my way through college as a salesperson at “The World’s Largest Department Store,” selling ladies moderately-priced sportswear. Back then the small petites selections in most stores that I knew of consisted mostly of sensible pants/skirt/jacket combos spiffed up with, maybe, a nice bow blouse. I was short, skinny, young and broke so I used my employee discount in either the Juniors or Girls departments. Nothing fit quite right.

Fast forward a bunch of decades and I can buy almost any look in a plethora of petites departments.  This ranks right up there with flu shots,  laptops and  power steering as to why I love modern times.  Gone are the days when wearing shorter clothing meant dressing dowdy.  I can dress fun till the day I die.

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Stylish You!

It was a record-breaking four degrees Fahrenheit when I left for work on Tuesday. How do you dress appropriately and dodge hypothermia at the same time?

Sometimes, you don’t. I wore enough layers for my quarter-mile walk to the subway, and covered everything with a brown down-filled coat. The office was chilly; I suppose it’s impossible to keep a building toasty in that weather. Thank goodness for my cute old, chunky long white sweater!

So what is style? It’s partially dressing appropriately for the occasion, in this case, really cold weather. It’s having enough self-respect to wear the clothes that work best for you and fit you well. It’s the confidence to wear what you find attractive and comfortable. Like a cozy cardigan!

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Ghosts of December 23rds Past (Or, Boy Do I Love My Life)

For some two decades December 23 was a frenzy of busyness. The day started with working whatever job I had at the time and after my commute home, continued with my Mommy job: loving and caring for my child, preparing 12-23 used to really stress me out_photosalad or cooking for Christmas Eve, wrapping those last gifts and trying to figure out how everything was going to fit in my Geo Prizm. (Little people get big toys!) Add why, oh why, did I volunteer to bring folding chairs?

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