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The Calorie Cops Are Watching What You Drink (especially if you’re under five)

Today’s most talked about, vilified beverage is…..juice.

The City of New York has determined how much little juice children in daycare are allowed to ingest, and how much time they can spend watching television. It’s all very well-meaning; who doesn’t want our cutest citizens to grow healthy and active? But juice has nutrients, and it’s a far better choice than soda. Yes, there are parents who give their babies soda. Some use their food subsidies to buy junk food:

Gas station deli sign asking EBT customers to be mindful of their balances

So really, juice? What’s to stop parents from clandestinely feeding their families juice at home?   Let’s regulate juice like we do beer. Ban children from juice bars.

And how about exercise? It has never been completely safe to let your kids roam unsupervised, although it was common practice when I was a child. Schools have cut gym classes and recesses. Most parents have to work so there’s little time to even take a walk together. After school activities are expensive.

New York City has decided that parenting needs to be even more of a challenge.