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Towering Flowers

Overlooking Prometheus_photo 1Jeff Koons’ huge topiary sculpture, “Split Rocker,” is on display in New York City’s Rockefeller Center. Assorted flowers form, what looks to me, like a bizarre toy puppy overlooking the golden Prometheus.

Detail-Flowers_photo 3Detail-Reflection_photo 2

50,000 flowers, 37 feet tall, and you can still see the greige facade of the office towers between the sculpture’s curves.


This is the very spot where the iconic Christmas tree stands every year. Winter greenery, summer greenery: year-round foliage!


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CBBH Photo Challenge: Food

On a lovely Sunday, my friend and I explored the residential streets of a nearby neighborhood, browsing in the shops, stopping for tea and cake. On a sidewalk display was this beautiful, yet intimidating dragon fruit.

It was exotic and beautiful but I wasn’t brave enough to try it. Primarily, because I had no idea how to eat it, but also because elsewhere at the market was…

And that’s sad because the staff at the store were friendly and offered delicious samples to the customers.

The Conejo Blanco Photo Challenge inspired this post.

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