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But Attending Graduation is Still A Joy.

The Pew Research CenterMay, 2012 graduation ceremony published a study this week quantifying what so many of us already know: Educational debt is crushing the young scholars who worked so hard to earn their degrees. Since their loan repayments diminish their disposable income, they have less to spend on discretionary stuff. While they still out-earn those without college educations, their net worth is diminished for the time it takes to repay.

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Where Did All Our American Jobs Go?

Wow, this is worth viewing!

Buy American Challenge

Take a quick minute to watch this really amazing video from the Million American Jobs Project explaining where all the American jobs have gone and what you can do today to help bring them back.

Do what the video asks and share it with just two people. Just a small change in our consumer behavior can create millions on new American jobs.

Until next time, here’s to doing what we can to support our country by buying American.


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