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I Shot With Film!

Frozen Bayside Marina at Little Neck Bay March 1, 2015 009Hmmm, I wondered, can I still use my film camera?

So after finding actual film, I hauled the Nikon to a snowy, frozen Bayside Marina, which I wrote about last week. That post included pictures on my little pocket camera because it has taken me this long to get the actual film processed.

It was worth the wait.

I didn’t realize how satisfying it felt to put the camera to my eye, to momentarily block out everything except what I saw in the viewfinder. That position where you gently press your elbows into your torso to stabilize the camera. The click.

Although I transported it inside my jacket for warmth and safety, the camera repeatedly froze.  It’s charming but still old technology. The images in that last post were with the digi.

Digital is practical. It’s immediate and full of creative possibility.  We are, generally, never going back to film. But I’m glad I tried this.

Frozen Bayside Marina at Little Neck Bay March 1, 2015 001I think the color is a little better here.

Funny how I forgot how the weather turned! In the short time it took me to drive to a park at the base of the bridge, the snow got heavier and the sky became darker.

Frozen Bayside Marina at Little Neck Bay March 1, 2015 023The park at the base of the Throgs Neck Bridge, 3/1/15. It's snowing.








Totally different view of the day. Made me very grateful I didn’t have to drive on that bridge.

A Small Reward for Freezing in the Snow

Bayside Marina at Little Neck Bay, 3-1-15 in the snowIn a lifetime of living near Little Neck Bay, I have never before seen it frozen shore to shore. I had to capture this. I parked the car in the wealthy section and walked the footbridge over the highway to the marina, now closed for the season. It started snowing. This couldn’t get more magical.

The ice looks solid. But two teenagers had to rescued on Valentine’s Day when their little ice walk on the other side of the bay became treacherous. The Fire Department had to rescue them as the ice weakened beneath them.

Here’s my reward for risking hypothermia.

Little Neck Bay with Bayside Marina at the left, 3/1/15