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Thirsty California

Los Angeles, September 2014It seems that the California drought is getting worse.

I don’t get there often enough but what I like about Los Angeles is the outdoorsy, sunny friendliness. Oh wait, that’s them being nice to my relatives who live there and, by extension, to me. Sucks about the water, though. I mean, it gets hot. It’s in a desert. The locals are active and attractive. They need to be hydrated.

I haven’t seen enough of California to describe the entire state. It’s the third largest of the fifty. But I like where I have been. I’m not sure how I would wish them adequate water: a series of torrential rainstorms that could cause mudslides and car accidents? A longer run of gentle rains that could partially evaporate in the warm air? Desalination plants that could create drinkable water out of ocean water?(and create jobs as well.) Snow in the mountains?

Whatever it is they need, whatever the best method, I hope California gets it soon.

Los Angeles, September 2014


Hello Groundhog

Today is Groundhog Day, one of the more idiotic events in American culture. The premise is that some poor groundhog is awakened from hibernation. Whether or not the groundhog sees its shadow determines how much longer winter will last.

Two obvious problems though:

  1. Winter will last as long as it is cold. That’s subjective, though. Groundhogs are covered in fur. Humans are not.
  2. We don’t speak fluent groundhog.

Enjoy the video!