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Shoreline Solitude in Atlantic City

Atlantic City nature path in the Marina DistrictAtlantic City ‘s  Art Walk is well worth a visit.

The mile-long path borders marshland in the Marina District, crosstown from the Boardwalk that we usually associate with AC. On one side of the path is beautiful shoreline, which is desolate in the winter. The paved path undulates like the shoreline it follows. Continue reading Shoreline Solitude in Atlantic City

Gathering at the Butterfly Garden

These first few cold days of the season, late to arrive but dreaded nonetheless, reminded me of last year’s visit to the indoor butterfly garden at Boston’s science museum.

It’s a haven for these pretty, delicate, harmless insects.

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The Summer of Firstevers: Connecting the Events

Saint John, NB. Canada (8/26/15)If last year was the Summer of Free Music, this was The Summer of Firstevers.

Leaving Halifax

I took my first cruise to my first visit to Canada. I was happily shocked that the huge ship was so stable that I often forgot that we weren’t in some landlocked resort, but rather, in the Atlantic Ocean. I will revisit the cities of Saint John and Halifax because a few hours is simply not enough time to experience a culture. I loved what I did see: the rugged coast, the historic structures, the friendly people, lighthouses. Even the rain, though inconvenient, seemed appropriate.

At the Reversing Rapids in Saint John, NB, Canada

I did my first Manhattenhenge, the event where the setting sun lines up with Manhattan’s crosstown streets. I have worked in Manhattan my entire adult life and only this year thought to view this phenomenon.

After exhaustive research (ok, mostly Pinterest searches) I discovered keratin products to to tame my curly, coarse hair. It’s laborious, and the blowing out will probably result in nicely defined upper arms. That would seem like a shallow accomplishment but we are often treated according to our appearance. It’s easier to leave the house knowing that I look my personal best.

I attended my first blogging conference and enjoyed it more than I anticipated. It’s still daunting to know how much technical, creative and monetary potential a blog has. I would love to find an in person, college-level, certificate granting course to make me a blogging expert.

school sign in Brooklyn

For the first time ever, I saw what it takes to set  up a classroom. I was honored to help my daughter clean and arrange the disorganized schoolroom that she was assigned. She did most of the work days before I arrived but there was plenty to wash and sort and hang on boards. I had no idea how many learning tools exist, from math manipulatives to finely-leveled readers, many of which had been haphazardly stored in very large bags.

So many disparate experiences, all connected by the chances to do and learn new things.  To be sure, I have spent a fair amount of time doing nothing of interest, but I am so grateful for the past few months’ growth opportunities.

Thirsty California

Los Angeles, September 2014It seems that the California drought is getting worse.

I don’t get there often enough but what I like about Los Angeles is the outdoorsy, sunny friendliness. Oh wait, that’s them being nice to my relatives who live there and, by extension, to me. Sucks about the water, though. I mean, it gets hot. It’s in a desert. The locals are active and attractive. They need to be hydrated.

I haven’t seen enough of California to describe the entire state. It’s the third largest of the fifty. But I like where I have been. I’m not sure how I would wish them adequate water: a series of torrential rainstorms that could cause mudslides and car accidents? A longer run of gentle rains that could partially evaporate in the warm air? Desalination plants that could create drinkable water out of ocean water?(and create jobs as well.) Snow in the mountains?

Whatever it is they need, whatever the best method, I hope California gets it soon.

Los Angeles, September 2014


Symmetry at the Winery

Cape May, NJ, October 14, 2011. Winery

October, 2011.

It was a damp, chilly fall day when my cousin and I toured some of the wineries in Cape May, New Jersey. It was somehow perfect: less crowds, more wine, more opportunities to see the pretty landscape without hordes of summer tourists. The almost-bare plants offered the chance to see the pretty fields with their symmetrical rows where wine grapes will grow again the following year.

Atlantic City in the Very Off Season

Atlantic City, NJ, February 2015

I needed me some ocean.

So when a friend asked if I’d like to join her in Atlantic City I gave the only correct answer: Yeah! Atlantic City is a gambling town on the ocean at the very southern end of New Jersey. Off season, in February, the casinos are busy and the boardwalk is almost desolate. But it’s the best route between attractions. I kept reminding myself that the hardy locals here do this every day.

Atlantic City is a few degrees warmer than New York, which sometimes makes a difference in precipitation: rain versus snow. Cold versus freezing cold. Able to take some pictures versus “I can’t. My fingers are frozen.”

Atlantic City, NJ, USA Atlantic City, NJ, USA 2-13-15







But seafoam in the wintertime is refreshing.


Refraction: The Shore at Sunset

Costa Rica 12/07Well, summer 2014 is now officially in the past: I wore tights today. My outerwear will get thicker and warmer until the point in winter where I’ll look like an animated sleeping bag. My thoughts on this chilly, worky Monday kept wandering to warmer places, like the beach in Quepos, Costa Rica. Here it is at dusk in December, 2007.

Yes, I  scoured the archives for something that made me think of refraction!

Weekend Warrior Hiking

Saturday, 9/20/14 hiking to the Hollywood signThe last time I did this hike was twelve years ago but this weekend’s whirlwind visit to my middle brother, who lives in Los Angeles, gave me the opportunity to do it again. I’m quite sore but so grateful to him for indulging me.  It’s ironic that car-dependent Los Angeles residents often exercise by climbing the beautiful mountains that surround their city.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist (Lighthouse)

Inside the Cape May lighthouseLighthouses are beauty, resilience and safety: They are built to withstand and protect boaters from harsh conditions. They are majestic, remote and meant to last. Many still use Fresnel lenses, invented in 1822, to illuminate rocky shores.

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