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Blogathon and Learning To Like Co-Working

thinking roomBloglife doesn’t always have to be a solitary life.

Many of us have chosen to read or create in public places: think diner, coffee shop or a blanket in a grassy park. A new industry is popping up that provides workspaces with desks, wifi, human contact and an industrious environment. With conventional companies outsourcing and hiring contract workers for distinct tasks – like writing – this is the office of the future. Continue reading Blogathon and Learning To Like Co-Working

The Stupidification of the Modern Citizen

I do believe that technology has made us officially stupid.

Beneath New York’s streets, the transit authority offers free wi-fi. It’s a nice distraction for when the trains are unpredictable. This works fine in a subway station, but not so much in a moving underground train. That’s when I switch to game apps or (ready for this?) a magazine. Yeah, those flexible readers made of paper.

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A Sunny Idea, A Brighter Future

Solar Lights on Earth DayHappy Earth Day 2015!

I would have thought that by now we’d all be using sustainable energy. Solar lighting, for instance, is being promoted in countries that lack the extensive power grid that we have. It would be great if we could buy those same solar products, with the profits going into providing even more solar where it is needed.

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It’s been a week since I quit Facebook and I have to say, it’s been good. While not a serial poster, I enjoyed reading about my family’s, friends’ and acquaintances’ accomplishments, vacations  and joys. But when the “People You May Know” suggestions included folks I may have spoken to once or a long time ago, I realized they were probably obtained from my phone. I didn’t mind FB using my data as one of many anonymous people to sell ads or run studies. Nothing’s free. This, however, was where I drew the line. I posted one last item, a rant that began: “I’m done with Facebook,” and spent a couple of days untagging myself, downloading my pictures, deleting my pictures from Facebook and then sending the request to delete my account.

Now, if people want to tell me how great their lives are, they will have to call, text or email me.  And that’s working just fine.