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Outta Your Heels, On Your Feet

After seeing the musical “On Your Feet,” we came upon this pair of abandoned shoes at Penn Station, a New York commuter rail station.Penn Station, New York

I was fascinated by those shoes, pretty black pumps that may have been ditched after a night out. Was she running for a train? Were they danced in or stepped on? The shoes were gone the next day. I hope they got a second life.

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The shoes I wore to the weddingThe wedding was beautiful and heartfelt and I know that this couple will make it.

It’s sad that in the weeks preceding, I thought frequently of the people who would be most critical of me. That’s been life; anything I did was cause for gossip. I knew that attending alone, sans escort, would mean (to them) that I couldn’t get a date. That wearing stylish clothes would make me look stupid and frumpy clothes would make me look, well, frumpy. And heaven forbid I use big words!

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