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Cherries On Top Of Dessert: How To Make That Happen

Pitting Cherries 7-24-16 - yummmSweets are great.

A treat with a cherry on top is greater.

Dessert with a pitted cherry  is better still, eliminating the awkward pit disposal.

I never really knew how to  pit fresh cherries so I tried three methods: Continue reading Cherries On Top Of Dessert: How To Make That Happen

The Comfort of Food: It’s in our Nature

Comfort food keeps us alive in more ways than one.

Dinner 5/25/15

Although it was a hot day, I craved rice and beans, cooked in the traditional style* on the stove in heavy Guardian Service pots. It’s remarkable that in so many modern cultures, it’s the inexpensive food that makes us happiest. Our ancestors ate this to survive. We can eat anything we want and often choose the foods that define our pasts. Or childhoods. Celebrations. Or ordinary family meals. Our nature.

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The Giver and Boyhood are very different movies but both shocked and amused me in one little aspect: the serving of food.

The Giver is set in a pseudo-utopian future, the kind that scared me as an adolescent, where rigid, drugged “sameness” is the cure for humankind’s ills. Everything big and small is dictated and predetermined in the peaceful communities. And in our protagonist’s perfect family, I could have sworn I saw Mother (Katie Holmes) distributing the identical meals to her husband and children. Wow, I thought, even in a future run by Meryl Streep, Mama makes sure everyone eats.

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Lovin’ The Summer Markets

Summer is a feast of colors. Even the ordinary  becomes an event, something to preserve on the always-handy phone.

Fresh corn is very popular

The farmer’s market  here is small by all comparisons, but a welcome diversion from the local offerings: restaurants and clothing stores.

street performers

Folk-type music on the steps of the post office



Andrew the friendly honey vendor. Note the word honey in Russian!

Apple bread

I always try to get some baked-apple product from this farm. This week: apple bread!

At the market

Although this market is year-round, it’s pretty desolate in winter. I love that in summertime, life  feels more like a festival.

CBBH Photo Challenge: Food

On a lovely Sunday, my friend and I explored the residential streets of a nearby neighborhood, browsing in the shops, stopping for tea and cake. On a sidewalk display was this beautiful, yet intimidating dragon fruit.

It was exotic and beautiful but I wasn’t brave enough to try it. Primarily, because I had no idea how to eat it, but also because elsewhere at the market was…

And that’s sad because the staff at the store were friendly and offered delicious samples to the customers.

The Conejo Blanco Photo Challenge inspired this post.

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