Manhattan Unhenged

Just what New York needs: One more bizarre new tradition, except this one is squarely rooted in science.

Around four times a year, the sunset aligns with the crosstown streets of midtown so that it is beautifully centered in the middle of the street, between buildings. It’s been called “Manhattanhenge” for the name of the one borough where this works.

Shutterbugs shoot from the street whenever the traffic light changes. Watching them was more fun than watching tonight’s disappointing ‘henge. There was no big orange summer sun, just slowly dwindling daylight.

I discovered that West 57 Street at Seventh Avenue is up a tiny little hill, giving me a perfect view west. Well, perfect for when there’s a notable sunset.

I was by the subway, across the street from Carnegie Hall, which reminded me of the old joke: How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice.

How do you catch a Manhattanhenge?