A Challenge to Bloggers as Community-Building Comes to a Screeching Halt

I learned today that WordPress, who hosts this blog and a bajilion others worldwide, will no longer run their weekly photo challenges and writing prompts. By participating in the photo challenges, I have been privileged to view beautiful photography from around the world and right in my city. Many of us follow each other’s blogs so we don’t miss a post. I am lucky but new and future bloggers won’t have that opportunity.

One last time, here is my contribution to a challenge: Twisted. We were asked to show something that is rounded. This subway station connects the E and M trains with the 6. It was an efficient transfer point while I was commuting for a late-night short-term project. I don’t recall ever using that station much; indeed, I initially forgot about it and took a more time-consuming route.

Train stations are rarely this attractive. I also like that there are pretty much no corners. Everything and everyone is visible, a huge comfort when I was traveling home. It’s well-lit and some of the street is visible, making me feel less like some scurrying subterranean creature.

Back to the prompts: There are other blogs that host photo challenges.  (Looking at you, Cee’s Photography!) Let’s use the comments section below to share various sites where we can convene and share our photos, observations, joys and knowledge.

Challenge on.



20 thoughts on “A Challenge to Bloggers as Community-Building Comes to a Screeching Halt

  1. Great idea and thanks for your efforts to continue to WordPress community spirit. I understand from a business perspective why they’ve decided to stop community activities but it will take some getting used to and perhaps effort on our part as the old timers to keep the spirit going.

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    1. Tina, your “Goodbye to WPC” post has the most beautiful trees. Someday I’m going to hug a redwood, simply because they’re so majestic!


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