7 Diversions for the Overworked

Grand Central Terminal, East 42 Street
*Here’s a gratuitous picture of beautiful Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan on a snowy afternoon.*

Lots of work leaves little time for blogging, but here are seven things I’ve noticed lately:

  1. I really like Instagram. I can see puppies and kittens, the beauty of the world, nature, my friends’ travels and meals, home decor. It’s all eye candy.
  2. Other people are living my bucket list. They are traveling to places I planned to visit “someday.” Insta has loads of travel pics to keep me occupied on the commute. I wonder, though, if “someday” is really now.
  3. It’s life-affirming when sports and TV shows trend on Twitter. We need to maintain our shared interests even as we keep up with current events. I recognize the “bread and circuses” argument but everything in moderation or we will all lose our minds.
  4. My old, itchy couch has got to go. I plot its replacement daily.
  5. I daydream about sleep. On a new couch.
  6. Taxis are not a luxury at night; they are survival. Just be alert enough to notice if the driver tries to take the long way to run the meter longer.
  7. I look forward to real meals on the weekends since I eat quick food like leftovers, sandwiches and salads during the week.

This isn’t forever. I’m so grateful for the experience as well as the  change in my routine.  But will this new work leave time for the “someday” travel in item 2? I sure hope so!





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