Have A Chipper Pi Day

Pie, Apple Pie, Patriotic PieMarch 14 is Pi Day, the day when math and science geeks fans geniuses get to celebrate their intelligence. I’m not one of them  but I’m grateful that they’re so much smarter than me that 3.14159 has profound meaning to them. I know that it has to do with the relationship between a circle’s diameter and its circumference. (Thank you, Wikipedia.)

These are the people who will use science to solve the world’s problems. They research diseases, find causes and create cures. They understand things that baffle the rest of us. The mathematicians could, given the chance, resolve world economic issues.

I believe that math and science aptitudes go hand-in-hand, that the same part of the brain is essential for both disciplines.

I struggled with math and the sciences while in school. I was actually told that those subjects are not important for girls, which was a relief at the time.  But now I have a layperson’s fascination with science-y things and follow Neil DeGrasse Tyson on Twitter. When people converse about science-related subjects, I shut up and learn. We desperately need more people who can casually make science interesting.

3.14 (or π) is the shortened version of pi, so Pi Day is celebrated annually on 3/14. (Remember, Americans show dates numerically as month/day/year.) But if pie is not your thing, March 14th is also National Potato Chip Day. I just might indulge in some onion-flavored chips.

After my celebratory slab of apple pie. Happy Potato Chip and π Day!

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