The Linda Life’s Best of 2017

Christmas and finishing up my coursework kept me from blogging for a while, so imagine my delight when the WordPress Photo Challenge was announced: Favorites of 2017!

Atlas on Fifth Avenue during the Women's March on NY 1-21-17The post that created the most dialogue was about my participation in the Women’s March on the day after the coronation election.  I’m so proud of every participant at every march location. We were loud, opinionated and respectful of each other and of law enforcement. We were funny. I loved sharing this picture of marchers alongside Atlas on Fifth Avenue.

I will be there again on January 20, adding my voice to the multitudes demanding good governance and our well-earned equality. I am, after all, a snowflake!

Corona NYC firehouse collection site for Puerto Rico reliefI am also  proud that I visually added my voice to the calls for help to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. I heard that there are STILL some Americans who don’t know that the residents of these islands are American citizens. To them I say: THEY ARE TAXPAYERS TOO, YOU BUFFOONS! Even after all the media coverage, it  seems that biases cloud  the willfully ignorants’ abilities to think of these foreign-like people as one of their own.

2017 was the year I became Mother of the Bride. Thank you to everyone who shared my joy and hope. No wedding date yet but all is well with them and that makes me so damn happy.

I loved sharing my views of New York City, especially since I live in – and often photograph from – one of the outer boroughs. If you come to New York, consider an afternoon outside Manhattan. You’ll experience New York as we live it and eat authentic ethnic food from all over the world. If you plan it right, you can view the iconic skyline from across one of the rivers.

Bayside Bike Path, Cross Island Parkway, Fort Totten, Bayside Marina, 9-16-17 NYCHere’s to a great 2018, full of health, prosperity, hope and happiness. I will return to social media with a vengeance, sharing The Linda Life’s world and, dare I say, wisdom. I am grateful for every reader, for every comment and “like,” as they let me know what you want to see more of.

To every aficionado of the written word: Aren’t we the lucky ones!



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