The Experimental Construction Door

Door to a construction site 7-13-17 in QueensI examined each corner and surface of the doctor’s office wondering what to furtively photograph for the WordPress photo challenge.

Then it occurred to me: It’s all one big experiment. You’re born, you die, and in between you find things to be amused by.

This fancy door to a local construction site made me glad for the red traffic light that bought me time to photograph it from the car. I admired the resourcefulness and I laughed at the absurdity. And note that November 20 is, apparently, National Absurdity Day!


5 thoughts on “The Experimental Construction Door

  1. Haha! Great timing at the red light to take a photo of the green door. It is a great impromptu shot – well framed, and the door looks quite massive. Life is indeed one big experiment. You just can’t really guess what will come your way 🙂


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