Black and White in Color: The Bike in the Corner

Here’s a quick photo share for the WordPress Photo Challenge:MUST OBTAIN PERMISSION BEFORE RE-USE: www.TheLindaLife.comLast October I was stopped in my tracks when I saw this bicycle propped in a corner under a few Ansel Adams prints outside a local yoga studio. I felt like I had stepped into a black-and-white photo with legendary black-and-white photos.

11 thoughts on “Black and White in Color: The Bike in the Corner

  1. Bravo. You have an eye for the dramatic. I wonder if Ansel Adams would have used the bike to travel around the countryside? Just a thought. Thank you for sharing this photo.


    1. And thank YOU, Gerry, for your kind words! Love your construction post, and that Leonard Cohen quote speaks right to me. (Saving me a seat – yes indeed!)


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