One Last Time With Some Textiles

Fabric. Must obtain permission before use. Copyright: Linda P. and The Linda Life

I like pretty things. I don’t like unruly clutter.

Periodically, I have to decide what stays and what goes to maintain some sort of order in my apartment. This is one of those times.

I’ve already dropped off clothing at Goodwill and traded a few items at a Stop-and-Swap, but I really need to make space to store the inevitable “stuff” I’ll accumulate for my daughter’s wedding. Gifts and decorations take up space and I know me, I’ll need that space.

These beautiful textiles were given to me when I used to sew. The two gorgeously embroidered fabrics in the bottom of the picture were client gifts I received about twenty years ago from the guys who supplied my office with the magazines and newspapers we needed to survive. It made me happy when it was explained to me that this was a common gift to women in their culture. They surely chose the prettiest patterns and I imagined them as a cheerful sundress and an exuberant winter shirtdress.

The fluffy white knit would make a great blanket or, even better, a sweater dress. But I already have a white dress and blankets. Besides, knits are difficult to work with.

I enjoyed handling the fabrics before I photographed them, feeling the soft texture of the knit, the raised embroidery, the stiffness of the more boldly-patterned cloth. I know that after I donate them, someone will make those dresses and, hopefully, wear them proudly.

6 thoughts on “One Last Time With Some Textiles

  1. It is hard to let go of lovely things, isn’t it, Linda? Photographing them helps, so you can look at their loveliness any time you want, knowing that someone else has likely put them to use. I try to stay on top of ‘things’ as they can become overwhelming and I dislike clutter, too.


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