Hopscotch board drawn at the Unity Rally 2/26/17Macdonald Park, Forest Hills

Holding On To My Power: International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day 2017!

Women’s Day is not widely celebrated in the United States. However, 2017 dawned with the inauguration of an American leader who bragged that he can grab vaginas, ogle near-naked  teenage beauty pageant contestants, publicly humiliate a Miss Universe.

We have been asked to wear red in solidarity, something I probably would have done anyway. I like red tones.  But the uniform wearing of red reminds me of The Handmaid’s Tale and The Scarlet Letter, neither of which presented good lives for fertile women.

But then there are all those sweet little girls in their pink onesies, pink clothing, pink backpacks. We announce their gender to the world with the palest of reds. I’m of two minds about that. I do like red. But female children must be allowed to run and play and, yes, get dirty. Jeans and sweats are the most practical clothing for good physical fun. But damn, those girly clothes are so cute.

So to some extent, I am taking part in today’s women’s strike. The only business I plan for today:  my annual meeting with the tax accountant. He’s a good guy who should not be penalized for being male. There were many men at the Women’s March. Let’s save our anger for the bad ones. Anyway, money is power.

And knowledge is power. I will be doing coursework to get certified to do something different for a living. I might read. I will surely have the “newsradio” stations on as I drive.

And there is power in joy. I generally seek out things that make me smile, like a hopscotch board drawn on the ground at a political rally. I want to know all the jokes, even the stupidest ones. I usually carry a little camera in case I see something so beautiful that it must be recorded.

On this International Women’s Day, I continue to claim my power.

2 thoughts on “Holding On To My Power: International Women’s Day

  1. Hello from Idaho and came in from Ramblin AM. No march here in my community of Boundary County Idaho. But I briefly check to see any places near me had any.
    I have plenty of red in my closet.
    If you have time stop in for a cup of coffee

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  2. I celebrated International Women’s Day by writing about a post 60 female who has started her own business. I don’t work full-time so didn’t have a chance to sit out this day. Not sure that is the best answer.

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