A Good Match for New Life

pens-pencils-clips-and-sharpener-on-blue-backgroundOne of the small, fun benefits of taking classes is the implied permission to collect supplies. Promotional pens and pencils, colorful clips, happy highlighters and a pencil sharpener that I forgot I even owned!

The coursework is hard and I will write about it in more detail someday. But every time I see pretty desk items on sale, I justify their purchases with, “I’m going to neeeeed this!”

They match the new life that I am crafting.

4 thoughts on “A Good Match for New Life

  1. I totally get this! I love having nice stationery and art supplies. Even when I was a kid, a huge treat for me was to go and buy a really beautiful notebook. I have a favourite pen to write with and won’t use grungy old erasers. Actually reading this, I think I’m just OCD.


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