In the Shade of a Shadow Tree

Tree Shadow over 71/Continental 6-12-16A snowy day is the perfect day to browse the archives for a shadowy Photo Challenge picture.

And what better than a tree looming over a normally busy street that was closed to accommodate a nearby summer street fair!

I walked up to the Long Island Railroad station to get away from the crowd. I was rewarded with a different way to view the event.

Here’s looking forward to street fair season!

8 thoughts on “In the Shade of a Shadow Tree

  1. Just the thought of a street fair is making my heart sing ! Can’t wait to wear Summery clothes and stay out socializing and enjoy the buzz of Summer book festivals and the like. Thank you for the photo ! ☀


    1. Same here, Lita! We are just a couple of months away from outdoors weather!

      I’m really enjoying your fun email blasts on being organized. The suggestions all make sense and will look so pretty, especially the suggestion to use beach bags and holiday totes as organizers. Happy memories!

      By the way, which tiles did you choose?

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      1. I’m talking to the chap who will lay them as I’m not very DIY. He’s keen on me going for plain but I’m thinking I will go Moroccan to bring in some much needed warmth. I have bought a few cheap plain throws to put over the clutter for now. They are blue so could use sunny colours in the tiles. Sorry for slow reply my computer has been in the repair shop and my phone is a bit slow. We are all gripped on the 6 nations rugby match this weekend. Italy are doing well but England are so powerful. It will be interesting to see who wins. All my good wishes.


          1. Will do. It looks like England is going to walk away with the victory. The final of the championship is today in Ireland (I am half Irish so will be cheering loudest!). Happy Saturday.


  2. Oh, to be at a summer street fair right now! How glorious. You know, I’m constantly telling myself I want to master the art of short blog posts. You’ve done it so well here. A great reminder to look at life in a new way. Thanks for the inspiration, Linda.


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