Repurposing and Presenting Bubble Wrap

Bubble-Wrapped WineIn honor of Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, here are two bottles of wine gift wrapped with repurposed bubble-wrap.

You go to the trouble of selecting just the right beverage gift. It’s worth protecting as you get it to the recipient! And this is so easy: the wine on the left was rolled in wrap and squeezed into a gift bag. Even better: the bottle on the right stood in the center of the bubble wrap, which was gathered up and tied at the neck with a ribbon.

Many of us already have bubble wrap left over from moving or deliveries. I don’t know how this stuff lasts such a long time; it’s air trapped in sealed plastic bubbles. But I have a bin of it from my move ten years ago and it sure comes in handy. Because, you know, wine.  And other fragile treasures that need to be stored or moved.

Also consider the stress release of popping each of these bubbles for that sharp snapping sound.

Happy Bubble Wrap Day!

9 thoughts on “Repurposing and Presenting Bubble Wrap

  1. You know you can take bubble wrap, dip it in paint and add lovely faux texture to your walls.
    Although why anyone would want their walls to look like bubble wrap is beyond me.


    1. It would probably look great but as you said, why? What happens when some kid discovers that if you bounce a heavy ball off the walls, the walls pop like…bubble wrap!


  2. I just had a package delivered today and, sure enough, bubble wrap. I’m also hanging onto it, used some to wrap our Christmas ornaments – no sense in risking them smashing while they’re in the attic.

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