Naming In New York

New York City is five counties of unique areas that need names, as well as addresses, to locate. They are worth the hunt.

Wholesome Food, 1/24/16 Rego Park, NYThey are so wholesome that they opened this shop immediately after last year’s blizzard. The hearty lamb meat pie was delicious.

12-14-16 Leaving Brooklyn via Belt Parkway eastThis sign reminds you that you are leaving Brooklyn as you drive east on the Parkway. I like how the borough’s name is on a completely different color background, reinforcing where you are leaving from.

Forest Hills, NYOur subway lines are simply named in letters and numbers.  It’s an extensive system that few people outside of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority have mastered.

Chinatown, NY in 2012All these shop names mar the beautiful architecture of this Chinatown, New York building. I shot this in 2012. I’m still sad about it.

10-22-16 Grand Central Parkway at Flushing Meadows Corona Park, NYHighway signs can be a challenge to read when you are speeding along the roadway. It helps to know the name of your destination before you reach the signage.

A cold winter day is perfect for a WordPress Photo Challenge.




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