Punk Nostalgia

The Ramones mural 6-12-16Who would have thought, back in the Seventies, that people would be so nostalgic about The Ramones that their hometown would be falling all over itself to honor them?

This is an officially sanctioned mural painted under the Forest Hills Long Island Railroad station, the route one would walk to Forest Hills Stadium where they played in their heyday. There is another Ramones mural nearby, as well as a move to rename a street near Forest Hills High School, from which the original band members graduated.

All the band members used the stage surname Ramone. I find that pretty funny.

What’s funnier is that punk, the music of rebellion, has become so mainstream that local politicians are involved in honoring it.

Forest Hills is a sedate section of New York City’s borough of Queens, which itself is one of New York City’s more residential counties.




10 thoughts on “Punk Nostalgia

  1. I would love to see this for real but until I hop across the pond your post brings me close. Good point you make about how punk is mainstream. I saw three men wearing pink Mohican hairdos walking through town recently and it felt fairly normal ! I remember putting safety pins in clothing was making a statement. Not sure what it would say now !! All good wishes.


  2. A friend of mine is best friends with Ramone’s widow, Linda, and knew Johnny well. Every year they do a tribute and a visit to the cemetery… a party actually. I wouldn’t say this to her, but the Ramone’s never did it for me.


    1. Funny, I wasn’t their biggest fan back in the day but after a few years, I came to appreciate what they did and, of course, that they were from my home borough!


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