Versatile Eggs

Eggs in Fridge, June 2016I can eat breakfast food all day long. These eggs could be served as omelettes or scrambled, with cheese or meat added in. Dunk sliced bread in, fry it, and you have French toast.

In fact, this versatile bowl of eggs was for a brunch-themed bridal shower. It became a big bowl of scrambled eggs, accompanied by a bounty of other foods.

It was served well past morning although that’s the time of day we associate with eggs. And that’s just fine with me.


5 thoughts on “Versatile Eggs

  1. This morning I made eggs for breakfast, scrambled with chopped up veggies from the farmer’s market. I nearly abandoned this, thinking the convenience of an oatmeal packet would be faster. But in the end, the zen of cooking actually improved my mood. I’m trying to get out of this mindset that I ALWAYS have to be in a hurry. Nurturing takes time. So. . .yay eggs!

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