Cameras Partner to Catch Drivers

QB @ 108/71/ContinentalAn expensive, annoying pest is proliferating high above New York City streets: traffic cameras.

Local law sets the driving speed limit at 25 miles per hour, which is 40.23 kilometers for my metric friends. It’s part of the weirdly-named Vision Zero initiative and has reportedly saved lives. I still believe it’s overkill.

Twenty-five miles per hour is maddeningly slow. I try to follow the limit because the City is really ticketing at even 30 mph. I’m passed constantly by other cars whose drivers must have no idea how hard this is for me.

This slow-traffic law was pushed along by Bill de Blasio, the current New York City mayor famous for being late to memorials, events and meetings. Crawling along at a snail’s pace is no big deal to him, especially since he’s not doing the driving. The rest of us have to be at our jobs and appointments on time since we don’t have staff to explain and apologize for us.

I agree that we need much-reduced speeds outside schools, parks, hospitals and construction sites. Children run where they will and those construction workers are often out there in the street. I would add residential streets to the mix. But main roads like the twelve lanes in the above picture?Thirty or thirty-five would be more appropriate.

I see this as an additional tax on drivers, who already pay high insurance rates and drive on bumpy roads that are hard on tires. Much of New York does not have the mass transit that we are known for. The outer rings of the city are quite suburban. In fact. we have an entire borough that is not connected to to the subway system.

So cars are not always a luxury.

This picture (below) shows how the City welcomes drivers from the  eastern suburbs. All three cameras are aimed at the Nassau County side of the intersection.Union Turnpike, City Line 6-26-16Welcome to New York, let’s take your picture!

Note how at each  location there is more than one camera, each partnering with the other to catch as many drivers as possible.

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