Outta Your Heels, On Your Feet

After seeing the musical “On Your Feet,” we came upon this pair of abandoned shoes at Penn Station, a New York commuter rail station.Penn Station, New York

I was fascinated by those shoes, pretty black pumps that may have been ditched after a night out. Was she running for a train? Were they danced in or stepped on? The shoes were gone the next day. I hope they got a second life.

Much like the Estefan hits.

The play is the (probably idealized) biography of Gloria and Emilio Estefan, who introduced Latin style music to the English-language, Top 40-style market. It’s a really sweet love story set to the Gloria Estefan/Miami Sound Machine songs that I loved listening to.

In fact, my daughter so remembers hearing this music as a child that she bought us the tickets as my birthday celebration. She once said that her childhood math troubles were caused my my singing “1-2-3-4” where the counting ends at eleven.

The music and dancing tell the story and every family member got his or her own moment to shine. They were all fantastic.

After the Estefans became a success in the Spanish-language market, they decided to branch out to the English-speaking audience. When a record company executive told then to, basically, stay where they were,  “Emilio” said, “This is what America looks like.” Much audience cheering ensued.

I do appreciate when a Broadway musical sneaks in a little social consciousness.

And I liked that I rushed to catch a train after a fun evening, only to stop, gape at and quickly photograph footwear.







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