And Now, the Holidays

Whew, kicking back with the laptop and a to-do list that has a lot of “dinner with…” items. The only thing I like more than Christmas is the balmy weather we had.

Elf on a Shelf on a wineLiving in the now, by necessity, takes into consideration yesterday and tomorrow. I can feel gratitude, right now, that I didn’t have to drive through ice or snow, didn’t need to worry about the prettily wrapped gifts getting soaked as I brought them to their recipients. I can anticipate getting together with friends and family that I have not yet had the chance to celebrate with.  I can heat up leftovers from meals both raucous and refined. (As in, we were in a local restaurant near where those friends live.)

It’s not all jolly, of course. Right now I should be continuing the post-Christmas cleaning or budgeting for the month ahead. But no, I just took a break to look at the tree, warm up some more leftovers and light candles. I’m actively focusing away from the most annoying relatives. Every family has them.

For some, the festive season ends on December 26. For others, on New Years Day or January 6, Three Kings Day. The kid in me wants to stretch out the fun as long as I can.


6 thoughts on “And Now, the Holidays

  1. My mother spend the last year of her life in a nursing home. At Christmas I brought her a small Christmas tree, which we decorated. About a week later, she was crying.
    I asked why.
    She said she didn’t want the tree to come down after Christmas. I told her it didn’t have to come down.
    We left the tree up until she passed away in July.
    Mom may have been sick, but she enjoyed everyday of her life.


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