The Marathon Magnet Gift Experience

This year’s bizarre gift idea was intended to be simple, but took two full weeks to make happen.

cheerful holiday magnetsNow that I know that traditional classroom chalkboards are magnetic, I wanted to make cute magnets for my favorite teacher. I bought decorated clothespins at the craft store along with a magnet roll. Easy, right?magnet one

I snipped off about an inch of the magnet and it didn’t stick to any metal surfaces. And since it’s coiled, the adhesive didn’t adhere to the wooden pin, it just curled up. The would-be magnet went back to the store, as did another roll from a different store.


magnet twoThus began a search of local hardware and home stores for suitable magnets. I found – and bought – some nice ones that made me wonder why I continued in this nutty quest.

I discovered that although the Home Depot near me had a paltry selection, the one in Manhattan has a wall of magnets. Different sizes and shapes, many with hooks. I realized: Of course! Space is at a premium in City apartments and renters are generally banned from putting holes in their rented walls.


I hot-glued the little rectangular magnets to the backs of the clothespins and just like that, a gift was born. My advice: One, nestle the little magnet in a nice blob of molten glue and two, keep them apart from each other as they dry. These magnets are strong. If they attach to each other you’ll have to pull the glue off and start over. Even with that, though, the gluing process took about ten minutes.

I’m using two magnet hooks to hold beaded garland in a doorway. Two more are at the ready, waiting for a soon-to-be-determined Christmas decorating task. Some colorful magnets are holding the growing collection of power cords and ear buds next to my desk. So did I have to make magnets? Nope. But now I know where to shop for small-home organizing needs.


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