New York (mostly) Welcomes The Pope

Weird times here in New York, with Pope Francis in town.

4-Popemania NYC Sept 2015042A welcome from an otherwise nondescript office building.

5-Popemania NYC Sept 2015045Portable toilets outside the majestic St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

3-Popemania NYC Sept 2015037Tight security, police everywhere. I imagine I can walk around waving a hundred-dollar bill and nothing would happen.

2-Popemania NYC Sept 2015035The night before the visit, business as usual. But NY cleans up  for company.

6-Popemania NYC Sept 2015020People climbed scaffolding to get a good view, or perhaps, simply because it looks like fun to climb scaffolding.

1-Popemania NYC Sept 2015019

And under that scaffolding, commerce. Hey, it’s New York. Papal flags, calendars, bracelets, all available on the street.

teeTee shirts too.

This pope is much less imperious than his predecessors. He’s being greeted like a rockstar for his connection to ordinary people, his relative joviality and, when it comes to climate change, his embrace of science. His traveling Popemobile is  Fiat, he doesn’t live in the papal palace and has been seen carrying his own (albeit small) briefcase. He acknowledged the construction workers who did repairs and renovations to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. (Yeah, I dislike cathedrals, they’re antithetical to the teachings, but I have family in construction and I respect their work .)

This will be one of the more interesting world leaders to watch. And it will be more fun to see the other world leaders’ and wannabees’ reactions.

2 thoughts on “New York (mostly) Welcomes The Pope

  1. Thank you for sharing this moment. I have been following some of the coverage on TV. I love the way you share the feeling of being a local in New York in your blog. It is a treasure.


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