Sunset Portal

I should be angry. I probably will be the first time it rains.

Renovations in my building mean that I’ll be using the roof to walk from one end of the apartment building to another, from the side with a working elevator to the side without. The rooftop doors look like they each have its own little building. Two shacks on a roof. Two doors to a shack, looking like rooftop storage houses.

Here’s the bonus: the view west towards New York City. A cloud shaped like an outstretched hand just about to catch the setting sun, gently carrying it to the next time zone.

I’ve features doors before, like these:

Graffiti in September, 2014

Copyright Linda P. and Laughing Through Life

Doors can be utilitarian portals, or they can welcome you with their originality.


5 thoughts on “Sunset Portal

  1. Gosh Linda, that is one amazing sunset. I could stare at that photo all day. What a capture. Your city is iconic and you show it off beautifully in the image. Thank you for sharing this inspiring view.

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