Seven Surprisingly Sad Songs

We sing along and maybe dance to them, but some of the most durable, crowd-pleasing music is not so happy. In no particular order:

  1. Don’t Stop Believing. Great sentiment, though.
  2. Livin’ On A Prayer. Tommy and Gina had it rough.
  3. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant. Just a little better for Brenda and Eddie.
  4. Hollywood Nights.  Fate was unkind to this couple too. It would be great to be one of the backup singers though.
  5. Layla. Supposedly, Eric loved Pattie but she was already with George.
  6. Born In The USA. In 1984 Ronald Reagan cited his song when discussing America’s “hopes and dreams,” apparently unaware that the song is about a returning Vietnam veteran trying to rebuild his civilian life.
  7. All I Want For Christmas. If Mariah Carey had to plead, is there hope for the rest of us?So sad

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