Bloody Noses and Idea Shortages

5/3/15 BaysideSo this is where high standards get in the way of storytelling.

I enjoy the blogging challenges; The WordPress, NaBloPoMo and One Word Photo Challenge have all inspired me to see beauty and humor in the everyday.  But sometimes the well runs dry. The ordinariness of daily life shows its supremacy and gives everything a grey shroud. It won’t last. Summer is thisclose and I may have found a  new (to me) beach to explore about an hour’s drive away. For now, though, I’ll keep my eyes open for visual surprises.

I recently met my daughter for dinner after work. One of her colleagues mentioned a bloody nose folk remedy: Look straight ahead. With one hand hold a tissue under the nose. The other hand holds a copper penny to the forehead.

The perfect picture was in my mind; where’s a bloodied nose when you need one? I would like to hear from anyone who has ever tried this seemingly improbable treatment. I’ll keep pennies in my pockets and a close watch on my allergy-afflicted loved ones.

I can get queasy; maybe that would jolt some creative juices. I’d either be ill or take pictures.

Problem solved!



7 thoughts on “Bloody Noses and Idea Shortages

  1. I’ve gotten lots of nosebleeds my whole life. During allergy season I’ll get at least a few a week if not one daily. I’ve been offered so many “do this, it’s the only thing that works.” And I’ve tried to give a chance to each suggestion. Don’t believe I’ve ever tried the penny one – but in my experience, the only think that works is letting it do it’s thing. Bleed until it’s done. My doctor recently told me to buy some Afrin – a nasal spray, or more like just a pour in liquid ha, that helps clot it up pretty fast…

    Long story short, I understand your pain with blogging challenges. If I wasn’t hosting the OWPC, I would have missed tons of posts awhile ago. Sometimes topics don’t speak to us, or we’re just not in the mood to allow them to. Rest, take care of yourself, enjoy the every day, and eventually inspiration will come. No need to force it.

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